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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vintage Saturday

Well sadly enough to know that I have not yet had anyone become a follower. I guess it takes time and more blogging to get to know people around.

Today I would like to share a "Hunted Treasure" I found. It is up for sale if you like to purchase it please contact me or e-mail me. After the Christmas Holidays and New Years I headed down to El Paso, TX and found this antique rocking pony. Ready to be played with. I am selling this vintage pony for $50.00 so if anyone is interested let us know by e-mail.

Be sure to check tomorrows post. For the next Three months we will be giving away each Sunday to the first person to sing up that Sunday as a follower in our blog a exciting hand made craft item. Each item will be posted so you may view the product. Hope to see more followers as our Journey begins here in "Hunted Treasures".

Ciao, Maria

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