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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Tussie Mussie Swap for May Day Arrived.

Look at what I received yesterday: Finally my Tussie Mussie gifts arrived. During the month of April or I think it was March anyway I joined a Swap for all Seasons, and we all had partners and we had to make Tussie Mussie for May Day, well I am ahead several days, well I sent my gift in little after April 15 but I had not received mine, I waited and waited an nothing the least day I expected it arrived and look at how nice she wrapped it, well there were two packages but I was so excited I opened one and did not take a picture, But look at the detail she put in it. I want to share all my items with everyone. I also been so busy with work and my sons graduation that had not posted will get better but I do have several items to share with everyone hope you like them.

This is my Tussie Mussie cone, I love it my partner who I swamped with made mine of material, and she made flowers for it, stitched items on it, I love my all my gifts. Thank you Maudina, you made my Day.

I received presents, I was so excited it was like Christmas or my birthday. I do not even want to touch them that is how excited I am. They are my new toys.

Look it up close on the items she made, WOW! She out did herself. I love them all she did it a great job.

Graduation Memories

This is one of the frames I had shown you before, I used it to place my sons graduation picture. I placed his picture when he graduated from Pre-Kinder 16 years later his graduation from High School, how time flies.

Graduation hats, I made three different colors that resemble the colors of my sons school, well except the black one that is just a traditional one, it should have been white but white gets dirty fast. Can you believe that these same colors Orange, White and Blue are the same colors in the school that my sisters and I attended many years ago. Our school is in Texas and here I am in Las Vegas. What a small world, then my younger sister just told me that on the same date that my son graduates she graduated 20 years ago, but not the year. It brought memories to her.

Felt Graduation hats, Thanks to CJ from Pink Tea that help me do these.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chandalier Went UP!

Today Im posting my chandalier it finally went up.It took us two days to put this thing together, but finally it got done. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

This is the box it came in.

All pieces layed out

Reference Only

I just realized I didn't take pictures of the crystals :O, oh well!
putting the bottom part.

Now time to put the bottom and top part together we had to hang it in order to do that.

Here is where the crystal pictures should go I didn't take pictures of that but this is the result it's not completed still need bulbs and taking it up.

It's getting there almost

Now it's ready to go up

Now we can see the result

It's on the first floor now, I forgot to take pictures while the men were pulling it up, I was to busy trying to figure out how high I wanted it, I think I went a bit to high but cant change it now, realized that when I saw the pictures.

with bulbs

Ta Da! My chandalier is up, I'll post my entrance doors on my next post. C'ya then!

Cheers :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How I Met My Home!

Hi, All

Today I'm joining An Nicole at Our Suburban Cottage on "How I Met My Home" its pretty interesting reading all those post.So for today I would like to introduce you to my current home it's a flat(apartment) in a building in the city of Abu Dhabi. I have been living in this building for 11 long years. We first moved in this building in 1999 after having lived in the states for one year; my husband was sent there for military puposes, so when we came back to Abu Dhabi this was our 3rd flat we moved into since we got married. Now fortunately this year we will be moving into our new home which is on the outskirts of the city. For those of you who haven't seen my home and are interested in learning more about my new home just click here . This is the process of the building and here are some more pictures of the advancements and here (just below this post)you can see the painting process and soon I will be posting the continuing process of my home.

Here we go

This is my city.

Abu Dhabi

This is my building, not mine per se but where I live.

Now for a peak at the inside.

This is my current living room (my furniture is 11 years old) all that will go as soon as we move in planning on buying new furniture for the exception of keeping my favorite things.

This is the hallway everything was white but one day I just got tired years living here and I wanted a change so my hallway is a light yellow with a light lime color. When I was painting it I didn't like the green much so I mixed in some more white and yellow and blue and got the color you see in the picture. Way at the end is a chalk board they were mirrors and I just painted them with that chalk board paint.

This is my two daughters (8yr old and a teenager) room

Now this is my two sons room. I just took one angle since their room doesn't have beds. They broke them wrestling and they sleep on matresses only for the time being until we move and get new furniture which is not far. In a month's time.

Well this is been my home for 11 years. The time is getting close to move and I feel I am really gonna miss my flat, but not all the new space I will have.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Painting Process

Everyone it's been a while. Well I decided to show you the progress of my home it's been slow. The painting process had been stopped for a while. We had chosen colors for the inside of the house (finally after about 20 samples we painted on the wall) and for some reason the person painting the walls painted the whole stairway two times the wrong color. He realized it both times after he had finished painting the whole 2 story stairway, I just couldn't believe it. Anyways now that the right paint is in his hands the painting process is proceeding. The bedrooms and hallway from upstairs were first, I think he got tired of painting the stairway first so he decided to do the hall and rooms.
For my boys room I chose a greenish pale color it looks nice eventhough my eldest son is nagging me that it's too light and it's girlish and he wants a dark room I said too bad, you see I had been asking him to choose a color for his room, he would choose black and of coarse I wasn't goint to paint it black, although I would like to paint a chalk board wall somewhere in my home. (But I don't think he would want that). So he just said whatever color but now he's complaining and I told him the furniture will make it look different. So he said ok I'll see but you see he has seen only these pictures he hasn't been to the house yet he might like it once he sees it. So it ended up quite light and nice my youngest son that is 12 likes the color. I painted both boys the same color.

It's a pale green, it looked different when I had a sample painted I saw it more to a bluish color but I guess I must have been seeing things but it came out nice. The pictures are not really that clear. I took the pictures with my phone so I'll try and post new ones when I remember to take my camera with me next time.

Another view (hmmmm the pictures aren't so good)

These other two are my daughters rooms it's a pinkish/whitish color it was called pink ballet slippers. I really like the color. Yet in reality both rooms have a different color tone, I think it's the lighting, my eldest daughters room has two windows so it gives it more of a peach/pink tone while my youngest daughters room is more pinkish/white tone. She only has a slidding door as a window but she has a balcony:).

This is one corner of my youngest daughters room.

This is my eldest daughters room as you can see my youngest daughter is posing and pointing to the color. She said wait let me show them I was like what is she talking about. Then I figured it out she knew I was gonna post these pictures. She reminds me of the models in the Bob Barker Show (The Price is Right) showcasing whatever product they were giving away.

Oh here Im not sure maybe she is showing the window. She probablly couldn't figure out how to demonstrate the color while posing (hmmmm should I point or what?). (aren't kids cute)LOL!

This is the hallway it's a brownish/beige color.

and finally my bedroom

Well that's all for today I'll be back posting newer pictures of the painting process and this time I will not forget to take my camera.