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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here is the Finished Product & a new Chair

I cheated, I could not wait receive my crystals and finish my Chandelier, yesterday I found another cute Chandelier and it had lots of crystals and some where missing. When I got home and took it apart, It clicked oh maybe some of these crystals can complete the other Chandelier missing crystals sure enough project complete. So here it is along with a chair I found. My room is coming together little by little.

Close up on the Chandelier, nice hugh a lot of srystals.

I found this chair at a neighbors home, she was moving stuff out and arrange stuff for a Community yard sale this coming weekend. I stopped and ask if it was for sale she said yes, I asked if she sell it sure enough she said yes. It goes well with my Master room colors and looks so cute. My husband says looks like it has a dress I told him that is the point it is a girls bathroom he just rolled his eyes.

It was fun and exiting since they are for my own personal decoration. Hope you like them I sure will treasure them and make use for them over the years to come. Until next time stay Shabby Chic, and remember treasure don't always come in treasure boxes.


  1. Love the chandlier and the chair, and the "dress" is lovely......:-) Hugs

  2. Cute Chair! And the Chandelier looks close to one I bought in France that is hanging over my dining room table!

    I love mine, because it reminds me of my visit to Europe and it was fun to "find" in a French Thrift store! I only paid 27 Euro for mine, but then had to pay for shipping, re-wiring and mine was missing a few crystals too!

    Thanks for sharing!