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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Field Full of Eggs

This Past Saturday we had and Early Easter Event in one of our near by Parks, named Seastrand park. It was a Community event for the kids, a helicopter came by and dropped Easter eggs onto the soccer fields so the kids would gather them, sort of like a carnival without the rides and games. There was a live band with music and food. We had a blast. My niece Dena final came to visit me that day. (Make sure to double click on the picture so you may be able to see a close up on the Egg Drop), and the field it looked amazing. This was only one of 7 fields in the park. They where separated by age groups, we where in the 3-5yrs old since my niece came over.

The Field was full of eggs, hundreds of kids and parents showed up. It was a spectacular Day. Until next Hunt, Enjoy your week.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wonderland Easter Tea Anyone?

I am joining "My Romantic Home" Show and Tell today. Don't forget to go visit Cindy after you visited us.
Today I am so excited- Hurry com'on we are late to an Important Date.

Who's to say that only Alice can have a Tea Party. Join us to our own Wonderland Eater Breakfast!!

Here we have Tea for Two- Sara invited Baloo for Breakfast Tea.

Then Sara invited "Thumpper and some of Thumppers friends over for Tea.

I hope you Enjoyed your Tea Party, We wish Mad Hatter will be able to show up sometime this week to join us for Easter Breakfast. Guess you will have to come back and find out won't you? Until next time stay Shabby "Tea".

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Chandelier and One to Go!!

Do you recall that one of two Chandelier I was restoring and putting together. Well since I have not yet received my crystals, I decided to remove the ones from the big one and place them on the little one and just wait for the rest to come for the big Chandelier. Look how nice it came out. I know the room is dark, it is my closet. I like the color and all. I can finally see what I am wearing in winter time when it is so dark out.

New Toy and Edge Flower Tutorial

This is the Tutorial for the signal ruffle flower, you do the same steps as the first ones, but instead of using two sticks you only use one or a pencil or something that you can work with. Then get any color mache' paper and cut it as big as you want you curls or warms to be like. I should say as big as you like your flower is the best way to say it.Then you roll it up like a taco.

After you have rolled your paper in one wooden stick then squish it together to make a little warm. Be careful this is were you will notice the edges come out, it is ok because this is what you are wanting to get some ruffles.

Gently pull out the smashed paper so it comes out like a little worm. lol

Here you curve the edges making an ear, then hot glue it and make your flower, pull out the edges this is where the ruffle comes out. Then add glitter or what ever or leave as is.

This is a small Trellis I found and painted it Shabby white, then added some pens, everyone takes my pens from my desk, so I decided that maybe they won't take them or for sure they will take them. Then added my Whimsical paper mache' flowers. With my new Toy- my glitter.

This is my new toy that my Dad sent me, finally I have normal glitter. I placed them in little bottles and tagged them, then hung some of my projects I been working on. The shelf is also new to my craft room pretty cool hugh? Enjoy your day and keep up with those Shabby crafts.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Been Busy as Spring Bee working on crafts Check them all out!!

This table was at my Dear Dad's house and every time I visited him it just called my name. So I asked him if I could have it an of course he said yes, so I brought it home and gave it a new Shabby white look, then found this wooden basket and also painted it and it worked out perfect together to display my carrots.
My husband brought this trellis home one day and I did not want to put a vine in our backyard, so I asked my son to paint it white, we had a blast doing it. Then you should have seen their eyes when I brought it inside what in the world is she up too. Well my craft room needs more of a lift so why not bring it inside. See I get to hang my crafts, my tea bags and some of my tassels in the works. What do you think? Pretty cool hugh? I think so.
Made this magazine rack.

How about some Ritz?

Look Princes Maitha Auntie made some ritz crackers to go along with our Easter Breakfast. Don't worry you will be receiving a box with these delights.
What about some pasta for Dinner?

Join me in the Kitchen!

This is the Kitchen for now, Yes it is my play kitchen since I have no little girls and in hopes one day one of my nieces pays a visit to play with Auntie Maria, I can only play alone. Come see what Auntie Maria has been up too.
Oh my gosh is it what I think it is? yes!! An egg oh my what talent.

Here you have it the Incredible edible egg. Isn't is cute it makes anyone want to be small and play house again.

The fun has only begun, come see more stuff!!!

End of the month Project

I will be working on these frames this week, to show everyone what I have created with them. These frames two are wood and the other one is metal and were gold color, so I painted them with flat spray paint. Until next time, stay Shabby Chic, Crafty.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oil Painting

Hi, Everyone
I haven't posted in quite a while but fortuneately my sister has been posting. Well today I wanted to show you an oil painting I bought a while ago for my sister. She hasn't seen it yet. I have not sent it to her since I cant find a box for it. Well you see she sends boxes full of gifts for my kids frequently and Im the bad one I rarely send anything over. So I decided to collect a couple of things (gifts for her) just before I send her a box. Since I told her she has asked where her stuff is and I have been stalling since I also want to include this painting in the box but now the problem is that the box is either too big with lots of empty space even with the gifts or it's too small and the painting doesn't fit. This gives me an excuse to stall even longer to collect more things to fill up the larger box. So sister hope you can wait a bit longer. The painting caught my eye because we have made a promise to each other that one day we will meet half way since Im in the Middle East and she is in America we promised each other we would meet in Europe and we selected to meet in France to shop. So this is the reason it caught my eye oh and not to mention the picture being in the early 1900's (Im just guessing). I hope she likes it and I hope she can wait or maybe she will come and get it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Mache' Flower Tutorial

This is my version of my tutorial let see if I can explain it, if you have any questions please e-mail me I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Use what ever colors you like for this project, I read that some bloggers buy their Mache' paper at the dollar store or the 99 cents store, but neither of mine have it. I bought mine years ago when I was in Mexico and brought it with me so I have tons of it stacked up in the closet, I use it sometimes for crafts but I am missing some colors. Need to make that trip again soon.
We start by cutting some paper you can do it any size I like doing them small, then I use craft sticks, they are about 24 inches long and less than one inch thick. You can find some of these sticks at Home Depot. I bought mine also in Mexico have lots of them so if you need some let me know be glad to ship you some.

Begin by rolling it at the end of the edge of the paper, you can use a pencil if you like, I just find it easier to use with my long sticks.

Roll up the stick all the way to the middle do not do it to tight because once you scrunch it up it will be hard to pull out. Do not do it to loose either we do not want it to fall apart either.

Once you finished rolling up the first part half way hold it with one hand.

5tHE Step you roll up the other half to meet together right at the middle to look like a rolled up scroll.

You roll both sides together like a scroll this is how it should look like.

Second Part of Mache' Flower

7th step picture is not so great but it is 8th step to crease paper.
You scrunch the rolled up paper together like this, to create creasing.

Carefully pull the paper out of the sticks like this.

This is what the product looks like ones you pull it out of the sticks. Pretty cool Hugh?
Here you cut the edges if you like, I cut them so that they are not so long just like material.
Add the middle part of the flower which I put green but you can be creative and do any and all colors.

This is the ends of the warm well that is what I call these curly things. LOL

Paint Stem

I painted the stem stick green with acrylic paint. You can see the curly warms. Once you have them in place you can start gluing them together, I roll up a green one for the middle I used two one for each side. Then fold the warm things and use hot glue, be careful you will get burn, when applying hot glue blow on it so it dries faster.