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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Mache' Flower Tutorial

This is my version of my tutorial let see if I can explain it, if you have any questions please e-mail me I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Use what ever colors you like for this project, I read that some bloggers buy their Mache' paper at the dollar store or the 99 cents store, but neither of mine have it. I bought mine years ago when I was in Mexico and brought it with me so I have tons of it stacked up in the closet, I use it sometimes for crafts but I am missing some colors. Need to make that trip again soon.
We start by cutting some paper you can do it any size I like doing them small, then I use craft sticks, they are about 24 inches long and less than one inch thick. You can find some of these sticks at Home Depot. I bought mine also in Mexico have lots of them so if you need some let me know be glad to ship you some.

Begin by rolling it at the end of the edge of the paper, you can use a pencil if you like, I just find it easier to use with my long sticks.

Roll up the stick all the way to the middle do not do it to tight because once you scrunch it up it will be hard to pull out. Do not do it to loose either we do not want it to fall apart either.

Once you finished rolling up the first part half way hold it with one hand.

5tHE Step you roll up the other half to meet together right at the middle to look like a rolled up scroll.

You roll both sides together like a scroll this is how it should look like.

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