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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready To Move In

Well we have been in the process of finishing our new home now we are starting to furnish little by little. I've got only some ideas of what I want my home to have but I'm still in the process of figuring out how I will make everything flow.

This is the preview of my kitchen knobs I got for the cabinets, my cabinets are white and I saw these spoons,forks and knives (are not shown, the knives are for drawers) as knobs and I decided to buy them I think they are cute. This is just a preview of my kitchen knobs, later I'll be posting pictures of the process and the finished result.

The process of building from scratch is a big headache especially when your not an interior decorator and your now what colors you want but you don't know what colors match. So far so good I think, there are a couple of mistakes but it's inevitable when your not trained as a color expert and designer. I just go with what I like and think looks good. Down below is the picture of the cabinet I bought for my daughters bathroom from IKEA (goes above the sink).

In this picture I have the men from IKEA installing our closets, I was going for a birch color but then I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go for white, these are for 5 rooms for our walk in closets. They just installed the corners (not completed in the picture) and this coming Monday they will install the rest so it's not finished yet I will post pictures of the finished result also later on. Oh behind is the bed and side tables (they are still covered since I need one more coat of paint) I bought for my youngest son, boys are much more simple to shop for, my son likes simplicity if you compare it to the bedroom set I want to buy my daughter below.

This is what it looks like but remember still needs more.

Yesterday I also stopped by a furniture store I love to go to and browse and dream about their furniture in my home. I saw this adorable bedroom, Im thinking of saving up and buying it for my youngest daughter Maitha which is 8 yrs old Im just so sure she would love it. It's quite expensive so I think it will take a while one of the pictures is blurry sorry for that. There is also that seat in front that looks quite nice but I wonder if it's placed in your home it must be for decoration purposes imagine sitting with friends in one of those you wouldn't be able to have a conversation or maybe it's for a hotel lobby not sure but it sure is nice, even just to complete your decor.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mexican Food

Well yesterday I was craving Mexican food. It's hard to cook it since ingredients are hard to find here where I live, yet I do try my best to cook simple mexican meals at home. So yesterday we went to a Mexican restauraunt called Cantina Laredo

here yes here in Arab soil a mexican restaurant although we do have others such as Chilis, Fudruckers and others but they are mostly Tex-Mex but there is a difference from Tex-Mex and the real Mexican food, but this place is about the only restaurant that I have expierenced to be almost authentic the reason I say almost is because there are some foods that they prepare differently than what I was brought up with. For example they have the enchilada with some kind of white sauce I had never eaten an enchilada that was made with a flour tortilla with chicken inside and white sauce on top. I grew up with the original version that Mexican's know which is cheese in a rolled corn tortilla with a chili sauce that is made with red chili that goes on top. I also might be wrong, it might be from some other part of Mexico that they make this kind of enchilada but my Dad is from Jalisco, Mexico and I was brought up knowing the enchilada with cheese and chili sauce on top. Anyways this restaurant is great it's good and close enough to Mexican food. I ate a tamale which I haven't eaten in over 20 years and it tasted great. I really recommend anyone around this area to eat there if they really want to taste Mexican food. I ordered the Cantina Laredo platter and here is the picture to that,

which had a chile relleno,meat tamale, mexican rice the mexican rice is good but doesn't taste like the mexican rice I grew up with (Now I sound like a food critic), enchilada, guacamole, and a flour tortilla with carne asada which is grilled meat. I would definately take my Dad to this place if he would ever decide to come and missed Mexican food.

My kids like Mexican food (the dishes I make only not many) but they are still fans of their food which is traditional UAE food. below are some dishes from this restaurant

Kids enjoying their food

Some of the pictures are blury they were taken with my phone since I still haven't gotten a new camera.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

Well the date says July 3rd but, it's already 4th of July on my side of the world so I just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July. The last time I had a 4th of July was in 2005 when I visited my sis back home. My kids loved it and they still remember it just like yesterday. They had a ball just lighting up all those fireworks that left me broke, but the memories they have are worth all the money I spent on the fireworks.