Yesterday is history, Tomorrow's a Mystery, Today is a gift, that's why it's called the "Present"... (each day is our gift, live it to the fullest.)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Color Change

A couple of weeks ago I did this transformation, I painted a gold mid size mirror white and then later found two smaller ones, they all came out very nice, will show you the after pictures of the three of them, tomorrow. This weekend I also painted a small chest that I will also share with you. I am redoing my craft room to a normal room. I keep bringing more stuff that I really do not need, so I decided that it be a room and half crafts. But I am not giving up my crafts. Hope you like the mirrors.

I have two smaller ones that I also painted, so in all there are three, they came out nice only to fine a place where to place them, have lots of walls but not sure which room they will go into. My husband says all the rooms I made for girls, and we only have one grown young boy. No girls, oh well maybe he will soon marry and bring in grand daughters if not I guess I have to give up on playing tea, and find cho-chooo trains.Jejejjej...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it to Early for the Holidays?

As I catch up to Blog land, I am sure you have already heard that there is a Swap going on from "Swap for all Seasons", I have joined to exchange tiny match boxes with other crafters to exchange small decorative match boxes for Christmas. We will be counting down the days of Christmas with these lovely gift boxes.

These are the ones I have made so far. What do You think?

His not so Tiny anymore.

Here is Marble Three months later he grew to become a big boy, his still small but not as tiny as he was. He still fits inside my purse but his trouble. He weighs 2lbs not sure of his size, I only know I buy him xxs cloths and fits him big, not that I dress him yet, until winter, these dogs get very cold. Even with our weather being 110 degrees F he still gets cold, can not imagine him in real cold weather. Poor little fellow.

New Member to Our Family

Hello Everyone, and would like to say finally I have a camera to up date you on what has been going on around here during the summer. First off I would like to introduce to you our newest member to our family. His name is Marble, I named him because he is so tiny, he was given to my son for as a graduation gift and to have a bit of responsibility. But I think that was shifted to me, so here I am with a new tiny puppy. He is so cute and adorable, but boy is he a hands full. On this pictures he was just about 3 weeks old he was so tiny.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It has been a long summer and it is still HOT!

Hello everyone:

Just doing an update and letting everyone know that we have not forgotten anyone. It has been a very long summer and it continues on both sides of the world.

Here in Las Vegas it has been hot and seems not to cool down. The update on my sister over seas is that she has finally moved. But she has not access to internet or computer because of the area she lives in until further notice. On my end well I been trying to do crafts but with this heat and work I doubt I can accomplish to finish anything. Although I have not yet forgotten that my next follower for our first year anniversary will receive a tassel and much more so stay tune to find out more details.

Wow! it has been a year since my sister and I took this project and fell in love with everyone posting and blogging. Great job everyone...

My Picture loader is not working so I will try working at it so I can include all projects. Hope everyone is having a great summer and stay cool other wise come over to the heat Cities.


Maria Ruth