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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hello Everyone:
Lately we been having new followers but you all have not sent us your information to send your gifts. Please e-mail us with your information. Everyone that signs up with us on Sundays receives a treasure gift from us. Our e-mail is

Our Treasure Chest has three gifts unclaimed. If you are Susan, Rhea and Shelly. Please send us your information so we may mail your Hunted Treasure.

Moved to Craft Room

This is the chandelier that was in my bedroom now it is in my craft room. I think it is cute. The newer one as soon as I am done with it I will post pictures for everyone to see.

Show N Tell

I am late with Show N Tell with Cindy from "My Romantic Home" please stop by and visit her, every Friday she host this even which I think is the best. I am sharing my new project. I have moved my small chandelier from our bedroom into my craft room. I think it will look better there, but in order to do that had to replace it with something else, so my husband hung my unfinished chandelier. Once I finish it I will show you how nice it came out. I have just painted the candle sticks, wanted them Shabby Chic white but like the vintage look on them so left them goldish.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Next Day Bleached Bottle Brush

This is what I found in the morning, my thoughts are that they are way older and need more bleach, because if you can see the newer kind with plastic stand bleached quick the others you can hardly noticed that the bleach got into them. So I will try again if not I will leave them and just add color to them.

Bleached Trees

Yesterday I decided to bleach some bottle brush trees I bought at a craft show, they look old and where not expensive. I've seen several blogger's bleach them so I thought this is easy. So I put a cup of bleach and let them soak over night.


These are my bread slices, I thought the big one was to big for my Princess little hands. So I made smaller ones. What do you think> Now I need the inside ingredients to complete a sandwich,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Been busy cooking up a storm, I made brownies I know, I know. They look more like pieces of cake, but brownies are dark so I wanted to give them a bit of color, a touch of life. I am working on making bread, which is taking some time, these crafts are time consuming but keep me busy. The weather seems not to be cooperating since we are expecting more rain for the coming weekend. It's great news for us because we need the water. So that means most of my Shabby Chic project will be delayed longer. I can not paint in doors because of the smell, if I do it in the garage there isn't much light and the kitchen is right next to it and the smell will crawl indoors. So until then more crafts and hand made stuff. Maybe if I am lucky I will start on a chandelier that needs some TLC.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Dream Cottage- Today's Dream may become Tomorrows Success!!!

During my usual routine in checking out blogs which has become my life. When I opened Cindy's blog from My Romantic Home, WOW! What did I find that she was sharing with us. This lovely blogger who has a studio outside in the skirts of NY. This is my dream cottage that I dream as a little girl to play inside one of these. For days and weeks and years. I asked my husband to build me one, and all he says I am not a carpenter, but I keep telling him if you dream it you can make it. So today inspired by such a little Cottage, I am in search of wood to make my own little house in my backyard. See if we do not get in trouble since I live in a Community where it is restricted to add anything to change the aesthetics of your home. If not I shall find a place for my cottage to build it in one day dream. Who know my little Cottage may become reality.

These can be yours!!

These are made in England very nice at affordable price. Only $20.00 for the set or best offer. We shall have more to come so keep watching hope you fine your Treasures with us.While we adventure our world of finding Treasures for your home.


Check these Out Wow what a find!

Wanted to show you some of the stuff that will be in our Etsy shop. Have you ever seen such pencils these are really nice and cool. If you see anything you like let us know.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crafts -N- more Crafts to share

Look at what I have been doing today. I have joined in a swap Party, I am not sure what it entails but sounds like fun. All I know is that every Holiday a blogger host one of these and it's becoming a great success around blog net. So today I decided to practice in making a cone basket for the partner I shall receive what do you think? During the 1800's woman use to make these for High Tea party's and and give gifts inside them. It was like a May celebration something like that. Well as soon as I know more I will let you know the story. For now enjoy my two creations.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pancakes Anyone???? What about Easter????

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Some of you might ask what is Maria up to these days? Well Maria has been in the Kitchen cooking up a storm and making pancakes, what do you think? I made these for my little "Princess" to play with I hope they like them once they receive them, I will ask their mothers to send pic of their reactions once they receive them. Auntie Maria loves all her little Princesses can you tell???

Hugs Maria,

I am so excited another fun Holiday around the corner I know, I know I skipped St. Patrick's Day but I like the pastel colors more than the green do you blame me? Anyway, isn't this so cute?

"A tisket, a Tasket, a Mariaish sort of basket"

I am joining Cindy from "My Romantic Home" Show and tell I still have not figured out how to post her logo on the side bar. My sis Ruth will be helping us out soon I hope. Well I wanted to show you some Easter items, last year I made small little Easter Basket and did not give them away this year I will be joining in the giveaway party. So look at this precious little basket made from me to you that you might have to display in your lovely home. Just in time for Easter, we shall be giving away more and more gifts to come in the coming days so come back soon.

Maria & Ruth

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the wall what do I see?

Ahh!! Got your attention well I am painting one of my treasures I found a couple a weeks ago, with Rub n Buff, silver what do you think? I think it looks much better silver than gold.

Yesterday was Lent so that means Easter is around the corner, and we shall see tons and tons of bunnies hopping every where pretty soon. I forgot to mention the winner or our last Valentine give away is. Congratulations to "Brambleberry Cottage", she won the tassel. When you have a chance please contact us so we know where to deliver your lovely adorable item.

Thank you so much for becoming a follower, but for those whom did not win don't worry there is more to come and lots of nice prices. So do not give up hope.

With that in mind I forgot to mention that the President of the United States will be visiting Las Vegas, I have a chance to go see him but I think I will pass this time I want to go see Clinton better. Our Mayor from Las Vegas is upset with the President you see he made some smart remarks in letting the nation know not to come to Las Vegas since the economy is not in good terms. But it has really affected us, I am one of those persons whom has lost their job due to the economy and in hopes things will get better but because we are a tourist market out here it has taken us with a high hit.In all directions there isn't any construction work, no jobs being promoted, more and more casinos lay off tons and tons of people everyday lose their jobs,no homes are being built, a lot of foreclosures out in the market. It has left a great impact in this city.

But we are hopefully those of us who have families and friends. Speak of friends my best friends have no jobs either it is sad and they are expecting their first child which I may add is coming in a bundle of two. We are not sure of the genders but soon we shall find out. Please send your prayers in hopes that this bad economy gets a bit better for us.

I will be adding more stuff to our etsy shop for anyone that might be interested in purchasing some treasures for your home,a relatives, a friend or even for a gift
stop by and check out the treasures. We are hopeful, that one day we may get lucky enough and open a small antique shop at a reasonable and affordable price to everyone.

Thank you for stopping by and do not forget tomorrow is show and tell with Cindy from "My Romantic Home". Check us out during the weekend.


Maria & Ruth

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Ruth's" Minature Hutch

I hope you like it it's so tiny and cute, the only problem is that it has a sign on top and I need to remove it and put something in it's place, and hang the tea cups and make it more cutter than what it is already.
Happy Birthday Sis!



Since I been sick I would like to share with you a small treasure I found a couple days ago. I had told my sister Ruth I show her and had not had the chance so today I will post it, then later I will show you what I did with everything and how it is being used.

Along with that I found the cutest little hutch ever and since my sister Ruth lives tons and tons of miles away from us, I thought I would work on it and send it to her on her birthday. Well her birthday past and since the weather was not in our favor during January I could not finish the project and is still in the works. So just because I am sneaky sis you will get to view your project in the works. See how cute and adorable the little tea sets are. Well hope you all like it, as soon as the weather permits it I shall be outside painting and striping furniture for our store wait until you see some of the items. Until next time happy Treasures to everyone.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Join us for Tea!!

This is my favorite one, I can not wait until one or all of my nieces come over and play with me tea. I always dream of having a tea party and dressing up. I think imagination for a child is like a dream come true. I will be setting up the table for two let see if I get any guest to come over will let you know. What a cute little tea bag don't you think?

Anyone care for a cup of Tea?


Tea & Cookies

These are the Holiday cookies I will be making all this year until the end of October of this year. Once a year I go and sell crafts, antiques, gift. At Boulder City,NV it is a small town about 1 hour away from my home. Each Christmas they have train rides so children may ride the train with their parents, grandparents or friends, they get to visit Santa and Mrs. Clause while riding the train. Once they get off the train they may go and view the miniature train displays enjoy the music,food,crafts and all holiday items that many vendors may have at the time. I will be posting more items as we get closer to that one big Holiday. Look sis I make tea bags with our initials.



More Felt cookies and Tea

Since I been sick these days it seems I can not stop and rest. Look at the stuff I have made. Most of you already know that I love to bake cookies and decorate them. Well my husband and my son both told me you have to stop making these cookies they are so good but the Holidays are over and we keep gaining all this weight. So I said ok, then thought well what can I make for my Christmas craft show this coming year. So in searching in some blogs and items, I had a thought. Well what do kids love to do in Christmas? Bake Santa cookies right? Little girls love to play tea and with pretend food. So I said I know I will make felt cookies. So I traced some cookie patterns, cut them all out traced them on the felt cut those out and started sewing away, then got to thinking sprinkles look good so I started to bead them. I think they came out wonderful What do you think?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to apologize to everyone for not being able to up date the blog. Hope everyone had a great and wonderful Valentines Day. I would of had a great day, but during these past days I have been sick. First I had my terrible blues then when that went away my throat started to hurt and got fever. Been in bed for several days and still not able to kick off this cold. We shall be announcing the winner for this Sundays give away, and I will be posting some of my crafts that I have made while in bed.

Thank you to everyone we appreciate each and everyone that comes into our lives.

Maria & Ruth

Friday, February 12, 2010

Home Update

This is to update you guys on my home. Not much has changed, Im also adding new pictures that I did not take pictures of. Hope you enjoy the tour.

Installed balcony rail

closer look

another view

These are the doors to the outside (gate doors) I will post a picture of what I mean later I have not taken a picture of that part of the house yet.

This is the pavement leading to the front door.

The Stairs

Doesn't this look great, my daughter was telling me to take a picture from the top to the bottom, It would have not crossed my mind if she didn't suggest it. They look great but just going up to the first floor makes me huff and puff and not to mention the burn on my calves and bum, I just hope it make me get toned. LOL!:)

Hallways (I have two) one with 5 little windows and the other with 3 little windows.

5 window hallway (upstairs)

3 window hallway (upstairs)

This is the upstiars hallway going towards the bedrooms.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour for today more will be coming as soon as I see new changes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love Day 10 & 11

Welcome to Day 10 Flowers Power was for yesterday, I did not post anything yesterday because I wanted people to view my sisters kids. So here I am posting a day behind.

Gee.. I do not have many flowers around my home to share with you. But I do have a fabulous picture of the Bellagio I would like to share with everyone. here we have my Dad and my niece Dena' inside the Bellagio greenery. They create flower displays on Holidays, this is amazing on how they decorate with natures beauty, you can view a small cottage in the back made of natural flowers, they had polar bears, ornaments, come on over and check them out when you visit Las Vegas. Since this is my favorite Holiday "Christmas", I usually like come on this particular Holiday to take pictures with my family if they come, usually I come with my son. But this year he will be leaving to the Marines so I will be all alone this coming Holiday. I am not sure if they do a Valentines Day display, humm... I should go check it out and share those pictures.
If you are ever in Las Vegas this is the place to imagine yourself visiting or traveling around the world.

Don't forget to tune in to "The Brambleberry Cottage" For the Fourteen Days of Love Party we are having.

Maria & Ruth

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9th Day Sweets for the Sweet

Join us we are having a Valentines Party with "The Bambleberry Cottage don't forget to visit her blog.

Today is the 9th day of Fourteen Days of Love- Sweets for the Sweet.

This is my favorite recipe for Mexican weeding cookies- I make these every Christmas but instead of making them round or shaped like crescent, I wanted to make them festive. So I made Ginger bread-man and decorated them with red chocolate. Hope you like them, they are sooooo good go ahead try them. Com'on give it a shot you won't regret it, but don't blame me if you get hooked on them.

1- Cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup confectioners sugar plus more for coating baked cookies
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour, lur more for dusting hands
1 cup pecans, chopped into very small pieces.

Preheat the oven to 275 degrees F. Line cookies sheets with parchment paper

Using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar at low speed until it is smooth. Beat in the vanilla. At low speed gradually add the flour. Mix in the pecans with a spatula. With floured hands take out about 1 tablespoon fo dough and shape into a crescent or round balls. Continue to dust hands with flour as you make more cookies. place onto prepared cookie sheets. bake for 25 minutes or when they are golden brown. When cool enough to handle but still warm, roll in additional confectioners sugar. Cool on wire racks.


Maria & Ruth
"Hunted Treasures"

8th Day Love your Pet

These were our pets we only have one left, the small one his so cute his name is Nosie we rescued him from the animal shelter about 11 yrs ago. His the best pet anyone can have, well trained well behaved. Astro in the other hand was a destroyer and a bully Nosie all the time, can you tell. My son loved this dog and his been gone over two years someone stole him never found him. He was a Siberian husky and a good dog he learned to open doors. We miss him lots hope he found a good home whom ever took him from us. We miss you Astro.

"Hunted Treasures"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Open Linen display

Hand made, the winner takes one.

Happy hunting with:
Maria & Ruth from
"Hunted Treasures"

Win with us as you sign to be a Follower

Come and visit us we are new to blogging and we are starting our little new home shop of crafts, antiques, shabby chic things and more. Most of all we are fun an exciting because we live miles from different Countries. My Sister Ruth lives in Arabia, I live in Las Vegas, we communicate through e-mail, letters, cards, and phone. May be distant but our hearts touch each other each day. We were both born and raised by a single Father in El Paso, Texas. our father is Mexican and came years and years ago to raise a family here in the United States. Little did he know he would have to raise girls in a strange country, we love our father but we all parted he still lives in El Paso and I visit more than my sister. But together we seem to get along and share and laugh of the past an present. Join us as we grow together to make our dream come true in building our little own shop, and adventure through life most of all we both love to meet people and have tons of friends. So join us as we are in our second week of giving away a fabulous prize to someone out there. All you have to do in become the first follower in our blog on Sundays. It seems we have a winner, but since I was late in posting we will be giving away two prizes to the next person who becomes a follower.

Good luck to everyone and join our Journey.

The winners will receive each one hand made cookie display linen. You can display cookies, candy one of a kind since I made them, an item you will treasure for life.:P

Maria & Ruth
'Hunted Treasures"