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Friday, February 12, 2010

Home Update

This is to update you guys on my home. Not much has changed, Im also adding new pictures that I did not take pictures of. Hope you enjoy the tour.

Installed balcony rail

closer look

another view

These are the doors to the outside (gate doors) I will post a picture of what I mean later I have not taken a picture of that part of the house yet.

This is the pavement leading to the front door.

The Stairs

Doesn't this look great, my daughter was telling me to take a picture from the top to the bottom, It would have not crossed my mind if she didn't suggest it. They look great but just going up to the first floor makes me huff and puff and not to mention the burn on my calves and bum, I just hope it make me get toned. LOL!:)

Hallways (I have two) one with 5 little windows and the other with 3 little windows.

5 window hallway (upstairs)

3 window hallway (upstairs)

This is the upstiars hallway going towards the bedrooms.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour for today more will be coming as soon as I see new changes.


  1. Your home is absolutely beautiful, I do hope you are going to have some home help to aid you in housework and normal house hold activities.....I mean the thought of cleaning all those windows and vacuuming those stairs is mind boggling to me. I am so happy for you as it looks like a dream house for sure. Thank you for sharing, I loved the tour you have given us......:-) Hugs

  2. Your home is beautiful! The iron doors are magnificent and the staircase... I would have to stay on the bottom floor or have an elevator installed!
    I will share a picture of my Lava Cakes when I make them!

  3. Bernie I thought about the cleaning too.You actually just reminded me about cleaning windows oh my and we get regular sand storms. Living in the desert it's common. Oh my......... Donna I thought about the elevator too but where to put it? but then again I thought about one of those chairs that is placed on the wall around the stairway not sure if you know what Im talking about but I told my husband. One day we are not gonna be able to climb up those stairs so start saving for either an elevator or one of those chairs running up and down the stirway, but hopefully I will still be able to climb up those stairs or any stairs at an old age. Thank you both on the comments. Im glad you come and visit often. Donna I look forward to seeing your Lava Cakes.