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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Win with us as you sign to be a Follower

Come and visit us we are new to blogging and we are starting our little new home shop of crafts, antiques, shabby chic things and more. Most of all we are fun an exciting because we live miles from different Countries. My Sister Ruth lives in Arabia, I live in Las Vegas, we communicate through e-mail, letters, cards, and phone. May be distant but our hearts touch each other each day. We were both born and raised by a single Father in El Paso, Texas. our father is Mexican and came years and years ago to raise a family here in the United States. Little did he know he would have to raise girls in a strange country, we love our father but we all parted he still lives in El Paso and I visit more than my sister. But together we seem to get along and share and laugh of the past an present. Join us as we grow together to make our dream come true in building our little own shop, and adventure through life most of all we both love to meet people and have tons of friends. So join us as we are in our second week of giving away a fabulous prize to someone out there. All you have to do in become the first follower in our blog on Sundays. It seems we have a winner, but since I was late in posting we will be giving away two prizes to the next person who becomes a follower.

Good luck to everyone and join our Journey.

The winners will receive each one hand made cookie display linen. You can display cookies, candy one of a kind since I made them, an item you will treasure for life.:P

Maria & Ruth
'Hunted Treasures"

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  1. I'm sorry that there is such physical distance between you and your loved ones. I'm glad you have the blog to connect with.