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Friday, February 5, 2010

Fell Behind

Oh My Gosh!!! These past two days has been unbelievable. My computer got some kind of virus and lucky me my son was able to fix it but it is running soooo slow. Then I fell behind on the Fourteen days of Love. To top things off Saturday I committed myself to do my niece a brunch for her birthday and still have not started on that. She has requested carne asada. It's a Mexican tradition to grill meat and have lots of food. The only problem there is that it seems that we are expecting rain. Well I hope all that goes well. Then my poor son has his heart broken, his girl friend just gave him the boot. It was his first official girl that he ever brought home, he was over heels for her. Honestly I think it was the best thing, do not get me wrong I do not want to judge anyone she was a nice girl and cute. The only huge problem that I saw coming was that she is a young girl with a little girl at age 16. My son is only 17yrs old and thought he was to young for such a responsibility. I really felt bad the way she turned him down because he was really looking forward to a nice Valentines Day with her dinner and all. But she told my son that the baby's Dad would be coming over and they both wanted to patch things up for the baby. I told my son that in my experience in life that problem comes up all the time when there are children involve especially in such a young age. His got his whole life ahead of him to grow up and experience life just to take a day at a time and someone new will appreciate him and love him back. My poor baby I am sure he will get over it right? I will be posting my cake pops so don't forget to stay tuned in. I will be catching up with my behind post during the weekend. Hope to here more comments. Don't forget that Sunday you can be a winner in becoming a follower.

I would like to wish a good friend I met over Blogging a Happy Belated Birthday "Donna" sorry my computer was down: We wish you the best, hope you had a wonderful birthday.

"Hunted Treasures"
Maria & Ruth


  1. Hi, Sis
    Sorry to hear about Carlos but I think that was best for him. Soon he will be leaving and he will forget all about it.


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