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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the wall what do I see?

Ahh!! Got your attention well I am painting one of my treasures I found a couple a weeks ago, with Rub n Buff, silver what do you think? I think it looks much better silver than gold.

Yesterday was Lent so that means Easter is around the corner, and we shall see tons and tons of bunnies hopping every where pretty soon. I forgot to mention the winner or our last Valentine give away is. Congratulations to "Brambleberry Cottage", she won the tassel. When you have a chance please contact us so we know where to deliver your lovely adorable item.

Thank you so much for becoming a follower, but for those whom did not win don't worry there is more to come and lots of nice prices. So do not give up hope.

With that in mind I forgot to mention that the President of the United States will be visiting Las Vegas, I have a chance to go see him but I think I will pass this time I want to go see Clinton better. Our Mayor from Las Vegas is upset with the President you see he made some smart remarks in letting the nation know not to come to Las Vegas since the economy is not in good terms. But it has really affected us, I am one of those persons whom has lost their job due to the economy and in hopes things will get better but because we are a tourist market out here it has taken us with a high hit.In all directions there isn't any construction work, no jobs being promoted, more and more casinos lay off tons and tons of people everyday lose their jobs,no homes are being built, a lot of foreclosures out in the market. It has left a great impact in this city.

But we are hopefully those of us who have families and friends. Speak of friends my best friends have no jobs either it is sad and they are expecting their first child which I may add is coming in a bundle of two. We are not sure of the genders but soon we shall find out. Please send your prayers in hopes that this bad economy gets a bit better for us.

I will be adding more stuff to our etsy shop for anyone that might be interested in purchasing some treasures for your home,a relatives, a friend or even for a gift
stop by and check out the treasures. We are hopeful, that one day we may get lucky enough and open a small antique shop at a reasonable and affordable price to everyone.

Thank you for stopping by and do not forget tomorrow is show and tell with Cindy from "My Romantic Home". Check us out during the weekend.


Maria & Ruth


  1. I would love the opportunity to see your President....I think he is full of hope for the world really. Not only Los Vegas but everywhere this recession has impacted everyone....I pray for everyone to make it through this horrible time and come out the other side much better for it.
    Love your treasure in silver, well done.
    ........:-) Hugs

  2. Sis you got to go see him. I want to see him but I can't. Hmmm Clinton so you were a clinton fan well so was I but I also like Obama it will probablly be once in a life time opportunity. Oh and everyone makes remarks that sometimes at the time are wrong yet maybe that's why he is visiting because he feels he made a mistake. I'd go see him, but that's just me.