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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Since I been sick I would like to share with you a small treasure I found a couple days ago. I had told my sister Ruth I show her and had not had the chance so today I will post it, then later I will show you what I did with everything and how it is being used.

Along with that I found the cutest little hutch ever and since my sister Ruth lives tons and tons of miles away from us, I thought I would work on it and send it to her on her birthday. Well her birthday past and since the weather was not in our favor during January I could not finish the project and is still in the works. So just because I am sneaky sis you will get to view your project in the works. See how cute and adorable the little tea sets are. Well hope you all like it, as soon as the weather permits it I shall be outside painting and striping furniture for our store wait until you see some of the items. Until next time happy Treasures to everyone.


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