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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Been busy cooking up a storm, I made brownies I know, I know. They look more like pieces of cake, but brownies are dark so I wanted to give them a bit of color, a touch of life. I am working on making bread, which is taking some time, these crafts are time consuming but keep me busy. The weather seems not to be cooperating since we are expecting more rain for the coming weekend. It's great news for us because we need the water. So that means most of my Shabby Chic project will be delayed longer. I can not paint in doors because of the smell, if I do it in the garage there isn't much light and the kitchen is right next to it and the smell will crawl indoors. So until then more crafts and hand made stuff. Maybe if I am lucky I will start on a chandelier that needs some TLC.

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  1. Looks delicious dear friend.....and oh better the rain then snow......:-) Hugs