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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moved to Craft Room

This is the chandelier that was in my bedroom now it is in my craft room. I think it is cute. The newer one as soon as I am done with it I will post pictures for everyone to see.


  1. Your chandelier is lovely, am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful things you do with your home....everything always looks so nice Maria, hugs to Ruth.......:-) Hugs

  2. Hi, sis
    I like the color of the wall, pretty soon I have to start painting my walls from the inside. I have no idea what color yet but this week I have to decide. I like the chandalier it's cute. Thanks Bernie for the hug. xoxox


  3. Thank you Bernie, Just to let you know Ruth is in school and she is in her last year, so she has tons of homework. Soon she will up date us on her house, she sends me only a couple of lines through e-mail. So I know she is fine, later on she will be more active once she gets a break. Her days are our nights so her clock hours are different.