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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Dream Cottage- Today's Dream may become Tomorrows Success!!!

During my usual routine in checking out blogs which has become my life. When I opened Cindy's blog from My Romantic Home, WOW! What did I find that she was sharing with us. This lovely blogger who has a studio outside in the skirts of NY. This is my dream cottage that I dream as a little girl to play inside one of these. For days and weeks and years. I asked my husband to build me one, and all he says I am not a carpenter, but I keep telling him if you dream it you can make it. So today inspired by such a little Cottage, I am in search of wood to make my own little house in my backyard. See if we do not get in trouble since I live in a Community where it is restricted to add anything to change the aesthetics of your home. If not I shall find a place for my cottage to build it in one day dream. Who know my little Cottage may become reality.


  1. I think this could be everyone's dream cottage, excellent for a studio. I do hope your dream comes true my friend....:-) Hugs

  2. Thank you Bernie I will keep you posted I hope so but not at this time with this resecion but one day, dreams are dreams but willing to share them with the world, If one day I do accomplish it I will invite everyone over