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Friday, February 5, 2010

My Home (Villa)

Hi Everyone,

Well my sister fell behind on the 14 days of valentine's, so I decided to post my home since we both decided that we would make a blog that would include both of us. I am not much of a blogger so most of the post you will be seeing are from my sis Maria, but for today I will show you my home in the making.

We are building a home in (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and it has been a long, long slow process but it's almost done it needs just a bit more to be completed. I also plan to decorate this home in my favorite decor theme shabby chic. How will I ever do that? I do not know! Shabby Chic isn't so price friendly in this side of the world everything is brought from somewhere else which I think that's why it isn't as budget friendly as it is over in the U.S., but for now my sister is collecting some items for me from her visits to thrift shops and hopefully one day we will go shopping at flea markets down south one day.

So here we go..... this is at the begining of the building process.

Now here on these pictures the placement of colums are being put up. Houses here are built in brick (cement) so that's why it has taken so long. It's been 1 year and 5months since we started.

This is the begining of the stairway.

A little bit more added each time in a span of one month everything was begining to take form.

The second floor is starting to get colums. One step at a time.

At a more advanced stage. Look my stairs are starting to look much more like stairs.

Now it's looking more like a home. I added a picture of some camels in the desert that I took of a while back and a picture of some flamingoes. The flamingoes were here this past summer of 2009. Just thought we would take a break from the building process. :)

Okay I think I should get to the latest pictures of my home. This is as of today. I think they are tooooo many pictures during the process, that it would take me forever to post them. This is the almost end result and later in the future I will also be posting every new piece of furniture I put in it.

If you notice you will see two entrances to the house. Why? Well I think as most of you have heard or know women and men are segregated in this part of the world, so this is the reason for two different living and dining areas. In this picture you will see the mens entrance to the men's living area called a majlis in Arabic and the main entrance is usually used for women that are visiting also. Everyone is close and neighbors visit often.

Here we will go in and show you some of the inside. I wasn't thinking of posting these until my sister said she fell back on her pictures for valentine's. This is the living area. I plan to put two living room sets. A bit to your right you will see an arch that is the women's washroom. I'll take pictures of that later when it's ready.

Living area from the top of my stairs.

This picture is the detail of the decoration on the ceiling and arches.

Under the stairs

Doors leading to the backyard, these doors are the ones you see above next to the stairway (bottom part) if you notice my house is painted from that part which is the back of the house. I'll show you pictures of that later in this post.

Looking up while going up the stairs.

Upstairs living area.

These are the only pictures from the inside of the house that I took today. I will be taking more as it progresses and I'll be posting my updates, but for the meantime this is the back part I told you I would show you.

One side of the house is also painted. The color is desert rose, we were planing on painting it yellow but then we just ended up choosing this color.

If any of you have any suggestions on what color I should paint the inside please do give me input. I asked my sister and she says to paint it in earth tones but I wanted to do it in blue/grey well part of it but I am not sure what part yet. Well hope you enjoyed my pictures.



  1. Your home is beautiful! I enjoyed the tour and can't wait to see more. I did not know about the 2 entrances. I learn something new everyday!
    I love my tassel, tissue holder and sachet!

  2. Hi Donna,

    We do learn new things everyday. I could make a blog in itself just talking about the Arabic traditions and customs but maybe later in the future. I'm glad you loved your tassel and tissue holder.


  3. I popped over for a visit from Donna's blog co glad I did.

    Your home is beautiful and quite large. It was fun to learn more of your culture. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    Have a great weekend.....:-) Hugs

  4. Bernie glad you liked my future home. It is pretty large I just wonder how will I ever clean such a big place. LOL!

    :) Hope you have a nice weekend as well.

  5. Wow, What a beautfil home and so large. I know you will be happy to move in and have so much space.

    What do you do about 2 entrances if you live in a flat? Do they also have 2. I know I am late commenting, hope you see this.


  6. Hi Barbara

    Well in a flat we do not have two entrances. When guest are male and female which are not from the family they sit separately, some people make one bedroom a living room for the females while the largest and formal living room is for the men (in a flat), but when building a home it's the Arab custom to have formal living rooms no matter what, but you see it also depends what Arab country you come from. I could write a whole book on the subject. The Gulf countries which are Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman have this custom of sitting seperately, yet it also depends on the family sometimes within the family for example some families sister in laws and brother in laws do not mix or sit in the same living area. In my case my husbands family we do sit when it comes to family ( meaning sister in laws and brother in laws) but not friends; for example if my friend and her husband came to visit me, my husbands friend would be sitting in a separate living room which is called the majlis with my husband and she would be sitting with me in the women’s living room . It is also good to know that not all Arab countries have the same customs. Other Arab countries such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan the majority sit together friends and family (males and females) unless they are much more to the religious side. So it just depends but in this case the custom here for UAE Arabs is separate then depending on the families choice they can separate within the family or not. Hope this answers your question and thanks for visiting.


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