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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Charm Bracelet Giveaway!!!!

Charm Bracelet Diva- is having a give away in November!! It is not to late to Join so Pop on over there and sign up to win. Check out her Fabulous Creations on her Septeber 22, 2010 post.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is Finally Here!!! That means Scary Creatures will be visiting Us!!!

Happy Fall Everyone, in some places the temperature has already begun to lower while here in Fabulous Las Vegas we are still having hot, hot days in the 100's and 90's degree. But we hope that soon we will get lower temperatures at least in the 80's would be nice.

Well here we are coming to the end of summer and Fall is upon us, with great joy we all bring out the Holiday Decorations. Well at least I do and love them all. So here I am decorating my dinning table with Halloween items. I put a spider web on my Chandelier, and my husband came in and said to me "Maria, the chandelier in the dinning room needs cleaning, it has a lot of cob webs and spiders on it; he was being funny about the whole thing.

It still needs a little more so I will post more as I move along into the darkness of decorations. Whooooo!!!!

These are the frames I painted and added some picture that move, my son was also being funny and asked are these people us, when we die. That was funny- darn kid. Actually I bought these stickers in Michael's and painted the frames black and here you have - I guess my family" hehehhe...

Hope to see a lot of your decorations soon, Oh I keep forgetting my witches boots, well I will leave that for next post, until then stay safe and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ornament Swap Sign Up!!!!

Guess who is having a Christmas Ornament Swap? Sassy Mini Dolls so go and visit her blog and sign up for the fun, you have until September 24th to sign up.

Marsha’s Musing & Sassy Mini Dolls
Just in time for the Holidays and just the other day I was wondering what to do or who to give these old ornaments, they are so cute and did not want to give them up. But you might be the lucky person whom might just get them. The skaters ornament does work and so does the train go around. The mouse does not do anything but his a lucky Poker greater.
Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On My Birthday Blue & White Wednesday for My Sister

My Sister had told me about some tea sets that are in blog land and that she wishes she had some. Since today is my Birthday and my biggest wish is to one day sit down with my sister and have tea, I dedicate this day to her in hopes these are the tea sets she is referring to.
I will seek to find you a set of your very own sis. One day we shall have tea together. I also wanted to show her my French Basket well that is what I call it is a regular basket that I seen around in Blog land also, that woman take around to shop for Antiques, well I had mentioned it to my Dad that I wanted one, and this is the present he gave me, so since it is my Birthday I wanted to share with you my French Basket....Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Treasuer Hunt

Hi Everyone, During the Labor Day weekend we took a trip and went to El Paso Texas to visit my Dad and sister and her son Zachary. I had a great time, especially because we found some treasures, here are my finds and I have included the mirrors I promised awhile back.

Some of you have asked me about the Match box swap, well I am not hosting it, Linda is hosting that, there is still room for 6 more so she says; so pop on over and visit her and sign up, there is still time come join the Christmas fun! Here is her blog address

This is the back of the dress form, it reads 14 and model 1955, my sister Cathy says it is a size 14 I say she is wrong because in this era I am a size 12 and there is no way this model is a 14, either that or I need to trim down. But I always wanted one of these dress forms I even gave her a name, I named her Bev. = short for Beverly, but I decided to change her name to Peggy-Sue, I think it sounds more hip and more of the 50"s. What do you think? This dress form was purchased at a small town in New Mexico we spent hours my sister and I going through stuff, I also got some linens and have washed them but have not ironed them, so I will post those later so you can view them.

My Sister Cathy her son Zachary and Carlos my son and myself went house hunting in this empty house and brought back with us this old knob, the ruler I bought at an antique store in New Mexico. The house hunting was some place called Socorro not sure, anyway we drove by empty old, old house dating from the 1800 that are empty, so we decided to go inside one and found this knob, my sister found an old sewing case, I forgot to take a pics of that, our kids found some hunting knives. It was nice but we got bitten by mosquito's wish we had more time to go into more homes but you are only allowed to pick one and get something you like.

Here are the Three (3) mirrors I painted during the summer. I am not sure where I will hang them, as soon as I find out I will let you know. Until next hunt keep in touch and will let you know more about my treasures or hunts. Hugs....