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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is Finally Here!!! That means Scary Creatures will be visiting Us!!!

Happy Fall Everyone, in some places the temperature has already begun to lower while here in Fabulous Las Vegas we are still having hot, hot days in the 100's and 90's degree. But we hope that soon we will get lower temperatures at least in the 80's would be nice.

Well here we are coming to the end of summer and Fall is upon us, with great joy we all bring out the Holiday Decorations. Well at least I do and love them all. So here I am decorating my dinning table with Halloween items. I put a spider web on my Chandelier, and my husband came in and said to me "Maria, the chandelier in the dinning room needs cleaning, it has a lot of cob webs and spiders on it; he was being funny about the whole thing.

It still needs a little more so I will post more as I move along into the darkness of decorations. Whooooo!!!!

These are the frames I painted and added some picture that move, my son was also being funny and asked are these people us, when we die. That was funny- darn kid. Actually I bought these stickers in Michael's and painted the frames black and here you have - I guess my family" hehehhe...

Hope to see a lot of your decorations soon, Oh I keep forgetting my witches boots, well I will leave that for next post, until then stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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