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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On My Birthday Blue & White Wednesday for My Sister

My Sister had told me about some tea sets that are in blog land and that she wishes she had some. Since today is my Birthday and my biggest wish is to one day sit down with my sister and have tea, I dedicate this day to her in hopes these are the tea sets she is referring to.
I will seek to find you a set of your very own sis. One day we shall have tea together. I also wanted to show her my French Basket well that is what I call it is a regular basket that I seen around in Blog land also, that woman take around to shop for Antiques, well I had mentioned it to my Dad that I wanted one, and this is the present he gave me, so since it is my Birthday I wanted to share with you my French Basket....Happy Birthday to ME!!!


  1. I used a rolling basket cart like that every day when we lived in New York City, and walked to do our shopping. In the city, there are hooks on the fronts of supermarket carts, so you can collapse your basket and hang it there while you shop with the regular shopping cart.

    They work wonderfully, those carts -- I sent them off with my girls when they went to college, and they worked beautifully transporting clothes and sheets back and forth from the laundry rooms.

    Love 'em. Never had a blue one! Just plain steel. I like the colors
    ... Cass

  2. That french basket will come in so handy-great gift!

  3. Happy Birthday to you Too! Great blue basket! It will be so handy and cool to use! Enjoy tea!

  4. Happy Birthday and I love that little blue cart.

    I'm visiting for White Wednesday. I'd love for you to come for a visit.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  5. Thanks sis and Happy Birthday, Like what my Dad gave you cute!Im loving blue these days and yes those are the tea cups that I want. One day we will sit together and have tea.

    Hope All Your Wish Come True!

    Your sis,

  6. Happy Happy Brthday!!
    A lovely post for a very special day..

    Love the French cart you received, it's a great gift for your shopping adventures ;)


  7. Aren't sisters the very best! Happy Birthday! I hope that your sister finds her perfect tea set, too. Thank you for sharing your photos. The French cart is such a hand will make life easier. Cherry Kay