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Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well the table and chairs are still in the process of painting. I still haven't finished them but as soon as I get them at least painted I will post them up. For now my next project will be trying to get my youngest daughters room decorated. She still does not have a bed she sleeps on her crib (it becomes a toddlers bed) but as you can see in the picture I just took one side off so she can climb into it. Oh and she has a habbit of dragging her mattress in the middle of the night or sometime at night to one of her sibblings rooms and sleeps in their room as you can see her mattress is missing.

She says she wants her own big bed, so I will see if she stays on her bed after her bedroom is done.I have looked around for bedrooms that appeal to me but unfortuneately I haven't found any in my area that are like what I would like to get her. Just recently they opened Pottery Barn Kids in Dubai.

So I think I need to visit the store and see what they have but I think it will be pretty expensive, so I am contimplating on getting her this IKEA bed.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On struggle with stripping

As I promised I have pictures of my table and chairs but first let me say that this is hard, well at least for me. I think it's tiring since it's a big project it takes patience and lots of time. I didn't think it was going to take this much time and it's hideous to strip furniture, it really is. Anyways for the pictures of my table and chairs.

This is the table(I totally forgot to take a picture of everything all together).

Can you see the golden blonde color that I want to change (it looks dated to me)this is the closest to the complete set that I have a picture of.

Ok here is a before picture of the chair and an after stripping and sanding.

Here is a picture of my lined up chairs ready to be sanded.

So now I need to strip the base and here is a pictue of that, just waiting.

Ok now I will show you a mess I made with this chair below. I wanted to atique it and since this is the second time I try this I messed it up.

I went ahead of myself and wanted to see what the end result would look like, so I painted this chair white and since I didn't have chocloate brown paint to mix with my glaze I decided to use stain! It didn't turn out so nice.

So then I tried to strip it without waiting for it to dry completely which was a big mistake, huge one. Now I have to wait until it dries up pretty good and I'll try stripping it again.

So there are times when everyone makes mistakes as I knew I would but it's all a learning process.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back Again

Hi, Everyone

Lately the blog has been neglected but it all has been because it's been a busy year. My sister was posting all through December when I was busy trying to finish my final semester, but finally I can pad myself on the back because I have finally finished and graduated. Sadly my sister has been feeling under the weather, so she is resting. So I think while I wait to be called for job interviews its back to blogging and catching up on projects. For now I will show you some pictures that inspired me to do my current project, since I cant find my USB cable to download the pictures, that will have to wait a bit.

Anyways some background on my current project. It is a table my husband got for me about 15 or so years ago and to be honest I never liked the color it's a blonde wooden color. So since it's been so long I think I can now say I have gotten really tired of the look so this past week I started stripping the varnish from the chairs,I have done 6 chairs and still have two more to go. For now these pictures have been my inspiration (sorry but I just picked these pictures from the internet a while back, so Im not sure who to give credit too).

This is the color of the chairs I want, but Im still debating on the color. I etiher will paint them white or this color.

This next picture is what I want my table to look like a dark walnut color.

This is my second time painting something and by all means Im not a professional so I know I might make mistakes.

While looking for information on how to paint I came across several blogs that I think any of you who would like to try out painting should read. I came across this blog which is just great and full of information and here is another one.

Hopefully soon I'll be posting pictures.