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Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well the table and chairs are still in the process of painting. I still haven't finished them but as soon as I get them at least painted I will post them up. For now my next project will be trying to get my youngest daughters room decorated. She still does not have a bed she sleeps on her crib (it becomes a toddlers bed) but as you can see in the picture I just took one side off so she can climb into it. Oh and she has a habbit of dragging her mattress in the middle of the night or sometime at night to one of her sibblings rooms and sleeps in their room as you can see her mattress is missing.

She says she wants her own big bed, so I will see if she stays on her bed after her bedroom is done.I have looked around for bedrooms that appeal to me but unfortuneately I haven't found any in my area that are like what I would like to get her. Just recently they opened Pottery Barn Kids in Dubai.

So I think I need to visit the store and see what they have but I think it will be pretty expensive, so I am contimplating on getting her this IKEA bed.


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