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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back Again

Hi, Everyone

Lately the blog has been neglected but it all has been because it's been a busy year. My sister was posting all through December when I was busy trying to finish my final semester, but finally I can pad myself on the back because I have finally finished and graduated. Sadly my sister has been feeling under the weather, so she is resting. So I think while I wait to be called for job interviews its back to blogging and catching up on projects. For now I will show you some pictures that inspired me to do my current project, since I cant find my USB cable to download the pictures, that will have to wait a bit.

Anyways some background on my current project. It is a table my husband got for me about 15 or so years ago and to be honest I never liked the color it's a blonde wooden color. So since it's been so long I think I can now say I have gotten really tired of the look so this past week I started stripping the varnish from the chairs,I have done 6 chairs and still have two more to go. For now these pictures have been my inspiration (sorry but I just picked these pictures from the internet a while back, so Im not sure who to give credit too).

This is the color of the chairs I want, but Im still debating on the color. I etiher will paint them white or this color.

This next picture is what I want my table to look like a dark walnut color.

This is my second time painting something and by all means Im not a professional so I know I might make mistakes.

While looking for information on how to paint I came across several blogs that I think any of you who would like to try out painting should read. I came across this blog which is just great and full of information and here is another one.

Hopefully soon I'll be posting pictures.


  1. I can't wait to see chair done. Mary

  2. Will be coming soon I'm working on it hard Mary.

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