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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On struggle with stripping

As I promised I have pictures of my table and chairs but first let me say that this is hard, well at least for me. I think it's tiring since it's a big project it takes patience and lots of time. I didn't think it was going to take this much time and it's hideous to strip furniture, it really is. Anyways for the pictures of my table and chairs.

This is the table(I totally forgot to take a picture of everything all together).

Can you see the golden blonde color that I want to change (it looks dated to me)this is the closest to the complete set that I have a picture of.

Ok here is a before picture of the chair and an after stripping and sanding.

Here is a picture of my lined up chairs ready to be sanded.

So now I need to strip the base and here is a pictue of that, just waiting.

Ok now I will show you a mess I made with this chair below. I wanted to atique it and since this is the second time I try this I messed it up.

I went ahead of myself and wanted to see what the end result would look like, so I painted this chair white and since I didn't have chocloate brown paint to mix with my glaze I decided to use stain! It didn't turn out so nice.

So then I tried to strip it without waiting for it to dry completely which was a big mistake, huge one. Now I have to wait until it dries up pretty good and I'll try stripping it again.

So there are times when everyone makes mistakes as I knew I would but it's all a learning process.


  1. Hay Sis,

    Looks nice, what color are you going to paint it? But I am sure it's going to turn out very nice, wait and see your great work will reflect on your project.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement sis! Well about the color I'm still not sure I wanted it white with some grayish/blue but I can't find the paint here and I'm not sure where they sell Benjamin Moore paints here so I think it will be a creamy white or antique white while the top will be a dark walnut color. Just hope it all comes out well.


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