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Thursday, October 21, 2010

BOOooooooooo!!!!! Felt Ghost Cookies, Hasts & Boots...

Hello everyone, I was inspired by making all those Candy Corn, that I decided to make more Halloween items, So here I have Hats, boots and ghost, they are so cute, can not wait to have my Halloween Party to share with everyone. I will be joining in with Metamorphose Monday, and Faded Charm so pop on over their blog and visit more amazing bloggers.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Candy Corn Felt's Tutorial

Hello Blogger's, look at my display jar, it look yucky, I decided to put some plastic spiders in a jar, but it seems it was missing something so I added little mice to it, eating a cookie. Looks grouse, oh well what is Halloween with out spooky, yucky stuff right? Here is something sweet for everyone to enjoy. Do not forget to pop on over to visit Cindy at My Romantic Home, for Show and tell. I know it is Monday; show and Tell is on Fridays upps, either I am late or ahead one or the other-enjoy....

Cut out a pattern of a triangle, then cut your colors out, orange and a yellow, then cut a top shape rounded for the top of white felt, then an orange piece for the bottom. Then sew them together and add the stuffing.

Place together and you have yourself your nice Candy Corn Felts ready to display or use a pin and wear them.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Well finally I got mirrors for the women's powder room. It took sometime to find something I liked and thought would look nice. Well I would link to the process of building and my home photos here but for some reason 2009 posts got deleted or something, don't know how that happened. So to recaption these are some photos of the building process.

Side/Back View

Back View

Front View

Now you can come on in and see the inside.

These are only some of the pictures, As I start decorating I will be posting. We just moved in 2 months ago and it's pretty much empty still, but for now I'll show you the women's powder room.

This is basically without mirrors.

Now look at the difference, it was really hard looking for something that would match and finally I found these. Excuse the pictures but I could only take it from an angle to really see them all.

Next will be the men's powder room, actually I don't think men use powder LOL!!! but they do have their own men's room in my home. (I explained in an earlier post which I would have linked it here but like I said 2009 post got deleted, sorry for that)So the explanation is that we have different living areas for female and male visitors due to our Muslim practices.

Until Next Time

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Santa Clause is Coming To Town- Come see what the excitment is about!!

Please join me with A Swap for All Seasons, and Show and Tell with My Romantic Home with Cindy. we are sharing our Santa photos and getting ready for our Christmas match box swap. This is a very special swap as we had 75 participants and are all anxiously waiting to receive our Christmas boxes.
Here we have Handsome Santa getting ready for his Evening.
The Coat still fits, Santa is coming along just well.
Stuffing Santa, he did not eat his veggies but will be eating all those cookies we leave for him.

Santa's helper putting some adjustments and helping him put on his hat.
Santa adjusting his hair.
Santa and His helper Wala!! All ready to hit the Town..
Santa greeting his first Visit and stop To Las Vegas, with a very Shy little girl. Merry Christmas to all and a good night. Do not forget to stop by and visit A Swap for All Seasons blog and see other Santas around the world.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White Wednesday

To day I am joining in with Faded Charm on White Wednesday, Come and visit some amazing Treasures on peoples Blogs.

This is my White bed that will be going in my craft room, time for a new change. I could not find the picture when I bought the bed in it's original stage, so I owe you that pi cuter. Enjoy your Wednesday, we are in hump day, meaning we are half way through the week already.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What do you think?

Haven't been posting for quite a while,(I'm Ruth the one from far far away, kinda disappeard for a while) life just got in the way. We finally moved in and it took two months for my internet connection to get here, but then school started for kids and I kinda just lost track and didn't have much time. But this weekend I started new projects. My friend gave me this nice chair that she didn't want and another one is on the way but for now this is the before and after. (Thanks Mary)!!!

Cane Chair Before


Hmmmm should have taken the picture during the day.

This is another project I did. I loved the painting but I didn't like the color of the frame.


After (The picture didn't come out so great but it looks much nicer, if I may say so)

This is what I was doing all weekend, weekends here are on Friday and Saturdays. So today I will go pick up the other chair and I have another project Im working on but as soon as Im done with that one I'll keep you posted.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone