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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Well finally I got mirrors for the women's powder room. It took sometime to find something I liked and thought would look nice. Well I would link to the process of building and my home photos here but for some reason 2009 posts got deleted or something, don't know how that happened. So to recaption these are some photos of the building process.

Side/Back View

Back View

Front View

Now you can come on in and see the inside.

These are only some of the pictures, As I start decorating I will be posting. We just moved in 2 months ago and it's pretty much empty still, but for now I'll show you the women's powder room.

This is basically without mirrors.

Now look at the difference, it was really hard looking for something that would match and finally I found these. Excuse the pictures but I could only take it from an angle to really see them all.

Next will be the men's powder room, actually I don't think men use powder LOL!!! but they do have their own men's room in my home. (I explained in an earlier post which I would have linked it here but like I said 2009 post got deleted, sorry for that)So the explanation is that we have different living areas for female and male visitors due to our Muslim practices.

Until Next Time

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  1. OMG! Ruth your home is absolutely gorgeous!! We are in the process of building now as well!! I bet you are as excited as I am to move in!!