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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What do you think?

Haven't been posting for quite a while,(I'm Ruth the one from far far away, kinda disappeard for a while) life just got in the way. We finally moved in and it took two months for my internet connection to get here, but then school started for kids and I kinda just lost track and didn't have much time. But this weekend I started new projects. My friend gave me this nice chair that she didn't want and another one is on the way but for now this is the before and after. (Thanks Mary)!!!

Cane Chair Before


Hmmmm should have taken the picture during the day.

This is another project I did. I loved the painting but I didn't like the color of the frame.


After (The picture didn't come out so great but it looks much nicer, if I may say so)

This is what I was doing all weekend, weekends here are on Friday and Saturdays. So today I will go pick up the other chair and I have another project Im working on but as soon as Im done with that one I'll keep you posted.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone


  1. Oh that picture is absolutely beautiful now!! It soften it so much painting the frame white!

  2. It look great. Can't wait to see the other chairs .Picture is beautiful with the white frame much better then gold.

  3. Thanks Girls, Was a pretty tirining job, I will tackle the other chair hopefully soon.