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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love Day 10 & 11

Welcome to Day 10 Flowers Power was for yesterday, I did not post anything yesterday because I wanted people to view my sisters kids. So here I am posting a day behind.

Gee.. I do not have many flowers around my home to share with you. But I do have a fabulous picture of the Bellagio I would like to share with everyone. here we have my Dad and my niece Dena' inside the Bellagio greenery. They create flower displays on Holidays, this is amazing on how they decorate with natures beauty, you can view a small cottage in the back made of natural flowers, they had polar bears, ornaments, come on over and check them out when you visit Las Vegas. Since this is my favorite Holiday "Christmas", I usually like come on this particular Holiday to take pictures with my family if they come, usually I come with my son. But this year he will be leaving to the Marines so I will be all alone this coming Holiday. I am not sure if they do a Valentines Day display, humm... I should go check it out and share those pictures.
If you are ever in Las Vegas this is the place to imagine yourself visiting or traveling around the world.

Don't forget to tune in to "The Brambleberry Cottage" For the Fourteen Days of Love Party we are having.

Maria & Ruth


  1. The Bellagio looks gorgeous! Your niece is adorable!

  2. Lovely picture of your dad and niece!

    I was in Las Vegas five years ago for business and took my daughter for her eighteenth birthday. We stayed in the Aladdin Hotel on the main strip.

    It was fun touring all the resort hotels with their fabulous themes. The Bellagio was spectacular with its outdoor fountain displays and beautiful interior decor.