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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day Four of Fourteen Days of Love

Join us as we adventure February with Liz from The "Bambleberry Cottage" be sure to check her out. We are new to this and we are sorry but I do not know yet how to copy and past peoples fliers, soon I will learn. Day 4- is Straight from the heart.

Well today my sis and I had a battle on our blog, you see we both decided to to have a blog together which I sort of pushed her into doing it rapidly this year. She is a great sis, she created the blog and we were on our way. But for some reason she decided to to change out the image and when I logged on this morning I did not seem to like it at all. The one she built us was fine and loved it so much but she seemed to think I hated the other one because she placed it. Bot honestly I loved the first one because it came within her, I know she does not like the color or something I guess we need to learn to communicate our feelings. But deep within I love her and I like your creations sis from the bottom of my heart and across miles of roads and oceans oh don't forget the deserts lol. I love you lots.


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  1. Sisters are wonderful. Aren't they? I should know; I have four of them! ;)

    Thanks for visiting the cottage