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Monday, August 30, 2010

Color Change

A couple of weeks ago I did this transformation, I painted a gold mid size mirror white and then later found two smaller ones, they all came out very nice, will show you the after pictures of the three of them, tomorrow. This weekend I also painted a small chest that I will also share with you. I am redoing my craft room to a normal room. I keep bringing more stuff that I really do not need, so I decided that it be a room and half crafts. But I am not giving up my crafts. Hope you like the mirrors.

I have two smaller ones that I also painted, so in all there are three, they came out nice only to fine a place where to place them, have lots of walls but not sure which room they will go into. My husband says all the rooms I made for girls, and we only have one grown young boy. No girls, oh well maybe he will soon marry and bring in grand daughters if not I guess I have to give up on playing tea, and find cho-chooo trains.Jejejjej...

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