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Monday, March 1, 2010

New update

Hi, Everyone

Lately I have been real busy. This is my last year in University and I am doing my capstone and it is time consuming with kids and home duties, there isn't just enough time in a day. It feels overwhelming, but I tried to make time to show you some updates of my home not much change has happened but a bit so I hope you enjoy. This week I have to decide what color I will paint the inside and I still do not know what color I want. I like the blue/grey color but I am not sure yet. Sometimes I think to be on the safe side that I just should paint it almond color and get it over with but honestly that blue/grey color is always on my mind.

They started painting the front part of the house. For all of you who have not seen the start of the building process please click here.

Almost finished but need that upper part of the house.

We also planted some palm trees (date trees). My son is digging a hole here well trying to dig it. I think he had the most fun he had been waiting for this day for such a long time.

His grandfather gave him this tree well actually "two trees" he told him these two are for your new home. So as you know when we are children we get excited with just about anything that is given to us.

The final result, of coarse he had some help from me and my husband trying to dig a deep enough hole but this is the end result.

My daughters watering the tree.

Toilets installed finally. These are only two restrooms later when all is installed and clean I will post pictures of the bathrooms. We still need the sinks and shower doors to be installed.

The kitchen view from the entrance.

Another view from the inside we still haven't put the cabinets I'll post that up when they are installed.

Pictues of the stairway from the outside. My daughter took these pictures. I do not think I took this angle. We as humans look at things differently even through the lens.:)

Gate doors installed

My house from afar.


  1. Those are beautiful gates to your home. And your house looks like it's going to be beautiful. Thanks for shareing your photos.. Julian

  2. Absolutely beautiful.....I am so looking forward to the end result......:-) Hugs

  3. Sis, These are huge windows and would not want to be there when a sand storm hits to clean them out. You will need another maid to help you around o clean this mansion of yours. I am so looking forward in seeing the decorating you will put into it. Tell Hassan that Uncle Osvaldo said not to plant the Palms to close to the curb they have tons of roots, and not to over water them. You might want to consider in putting a watering irrigation for plants. later on they will no longer want to water them, trust me Auntie knows best.

    Ciao your Sis.

  4. Thank you Julian for the compliment.

    Bernie Im looking forward to the end result myself, can't wait to move in but it will be empty for a while furnishing will be the hard part.

    Sis hmmmmmm stand storms yes, they are common here we just had one about 3 days ago maybe having something to do with the weather in Japan the winds hit strong here but since the sand is so thin the windows stayed clean and for a couple of days we have been having lightining only but last night it poured which is no so common here. So if a sand storm comes rain will follow I hope :) as for the tree, Im not sure if you know but palm trees are something of an Arab specialty especially date trees so his Dad knew how many feet between the curb and second tree so no worries on those trees. As for watering something I learned with these trees is that when you plant them you need to water them for 40 days after you have planted them at the begining especially if it's a baby tree. Something to do with it getting acustomed to it's new place. Im not the expert it's his Dad and grandfather. One day sis when you come you will see how full the city is with these trees and all homes have them there is not one without one of these trees. It's like the "Arab" symbol I guess. Oh irrigation that's another one for now we have to wait on that one I think when we put grass in, I"ll put an irrigation system but let me furnish my home first. :) Cheers your Sis.