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Friday, March 19, 2010

Oil Painting

Hi, Everyone
I haven't posted in quite a while but fortuneately my sister has been posting. Well today I wanted to show you an oil painting I bought a while ago for my sister. She hasn't seen it yet. I have not sent it to her since I cant find a box for it. Well you see she sends boxes full of gifts for my kids frequently and Im the bad one I rarely send anything over. So I decided to collect a couple of things (gifts for her) just before I send her a box. Since I told her she has asked where her stuff is and I have been stalling since I also want to include this painting in the box but now the problem is that the box is either too big with lots of empty space even with the gifts or it's too small and the painting doesn't fit. This gives me an excuse to stall even longer to collect more things to fill up the larger box. So sister hope you can wait a bit longer. The painting caught my eye because we have made a promise to each other that one day we will meet half way since Im in the Middle East and she is in America we promised each other we would meet in Europe and we selected to meet in France to shop. So this is the reason it caught my eye oh and not to mention the picture being in the early 1900's (Im just guessing). I hope she likes it and I hope she can wait or maybe she will come and get it.


  1. Ooh my gosh Sis, Love this painting can not wait to receive it I guess I will go and send you a poster or something so you can reuse the box. Now I dream of this place. I even know where I will place it this is wonderful sis I have to share with the world to see this this. Thanks a million sis you are the Best Sister I can ask for.

    Love Maria.

  2. You are a very sweet sister. You and your sister are lucky to have each other! I lived in Bahrain for three years and I loved it. I wish I could go back for a visit.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Thank you Susan and Bentley, that is a cute name Bentley, why did you move from there?


  4. What a lovely picture, no wonder your sister loves it so.......and you are making a memory of your time to come together......:-) Hugs

  5. Hi, Susan, Bentley and Bernie

    Susan and Bentley hope you do get to go over to Bahrain and visit again I myself haven't been there eventhough it is very close to the UAE but never had the chance to visit.


    I love the painting and yeah it would be a memory of what we promised and maybe one day everytime she sees it, it will be a memory of our time there. Thanks lady's for the nice comments I always love to read what other people have to say.


  6. This is so beautiful. You can send it my way I've got the perfect spot for it ;>)
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~