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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Toy and Edge Flower Tutorial

This is the Tutorial for the signal ruffle flower, you do the same steps as the first ones, but instead of using two sticks you only use one or a pencil or something that you can work with. Then get any color mache' paper and cut it as big as you want you curls or warms to be like. I should say as big as you like your flower is the best way to say it.Then you roll it up like a taco.

After you have rolled your paper in one wooden stick then squish it together to make a little warm. Be careful this is were you will notice the edges come out, it is ok because this is what you are wanting to get some ruffles.

Gently pull out the smashed paper so it comes out like a little worm. lol

Here you curve the edges making an ear, then hot glue it and make your flower, pull out the edges this is where the ruffle comes out. Then add glitter or what ever or leave as is.

This is a small Trellis I found and painted it Shabby white, then added some pens, everyone takes my pens from my desk, so I decided that maybe they won't take them or for sure they will take them. Then added my Whimsical paper mache' flowers. With my new Toy- my glitter.

This is my new toy that my Dad sent me, finally I have normal glitter. I placed them in little bottles and tagged them, then hung some of my projects I been working on. The shelf is also new to my craft room pretty cool hugh? Enjoy your day and keep up with those Shabby crafts.

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