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Monday, March 22, 2010

Join me in the Kitchen!

This is the Kitchen for now, Yes it is my play kitchen since I have no little girls and in hopes one day one of my nieces pays a visit to play with Auntie Maria, I can only play alone. Come see what Auntie Maria has been up too.
Oh my gosh is it what I think it is? yes!! An egg oh my what talent.

Here you have it the Incredible edible egg. Isn't is cute it makes anyone want to be small and play house again.

The fun has only begun, come see more stuff!!!


  1. O' my sis I like the egg so much it's sooooo cute. I am positive Maitha will love these things. I think they are so cute. You must have been real busy.


  2. Thanks, yes I made them for a special person that will make her really want to play. had a fun time making them.

  3. oh...I had to smile when I saw this..too cute!