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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Swap Baskets are ready to be Delivered.

Finally! My cold is almost completely gone that is the worst cold I had in a long time. Never again hopefully I will not get sick. The weather is nice an warm and you can tell Spring has arrived.
During the weekend I was busy, busy as bee working on my crafts that I am soooo very behind. So I like to share with you all the amazing things accomplished this weekend. First we have here two Easter Baskets that I made all hand made. I joined two (2) swaps for Spring, one is for two little yogurt cups we are suppose to make Easter baskets, I seen everyone making paper mache' baskets but I do not know how and tried and did not come out very well, so I got some felt material and did my thing, created bunnies two of them, they came out cute if you ask me? Then I did add my paper mache' flowers- will have a tutorial on those this week for everyone. I added my felt carrots I made a while back ago, and my felt cookies and tea set. We are to only add 5 items but I added three of each and added a egg and a candy flower. I hope they like them, once I get mine from my swapp I will share it with you also, see what I get. The next swap is a cone I am still working on that so stay tune and come back and visit us. Spring is in the air and so are crafts.

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