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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where Have We been?

You might ask where have these ladies been. Well for one I have been very sick lately, I thought what I caught was allergies since it has been raining a lot here in Fabulous Las Vegas. But no my son caught some kind of virus- no not the H1N1 Thank God! Uff.. safe on that. It's a cold virus that last up to 7 days, My son had it then both my husband and I caught it. Then the weather does no justices. One day it rains, the other cold winds snow up in the Mountains, then we get 70 degree weather nice and warm and then we all get sick. Never in Las Vegas life they say it's bee this crazy I guess because the earth shifted with all those disasters happening.

Anyway, during my illness did some small projects. A while back I found this small denty chandelier that needed a home and some TLC. So I took it home with me, it has been sitting in my garage till the weather got any better. Since it didn't I said well ok lets bring you inside let see where home will be. It clicked in my closet, I have this thing I want to put Chandeliers all over my home see if I accomplish part of it. Well this is what it looked liked, don't you think it needed a female touch.LoL

Here I took it all apart. It has missing parts but if you play with it you can do without the parts. I had to order crystals because it did not come with any.

Oh by the way Ruth is in school soon she will have a break and she does no crafts, guess we have to teach her. See she is the book smart of the family so I give her that more than my crafts. But she needs to learn so one day she can pass it on to her kids and grand kids. She told me she shall be updating us in her almost finished house. I think by then she will have to pick up in crafts, having and decorating a house is pricey and with this economy we need to spend less and be more creative.
I am almost over my cold and on day 4 so I have 3 more days to get rid of this bad cold.


  1. Sorry you have been sick!! Looks like a good project!!

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