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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Field Full of Eggs

This Past Saturday we had and Early Easter Event in one of our near by Parks, named Seastrand park. It was a Community event for the kids, a helicopter came by and dropped Easter eggs onto the soccer fields so the kids would gather them, sort of like a carnival without the rides and games. There was a live band with music and food. We had a blast. My niece Dena final came to visit me that day. (Make sure to double click on the picture so you may be able to see a close up on the Egg Drop), and the field it looked amazing. This was only one of 7 fields in the park. They where separated by age groups, we where in the 3-5yrs old since my niece came over.

The Field was full of eggs, hundreds of kids and parents showed up. It was a spectacular Day. Until next Hunt, Enjoy your week.


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