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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Tussie Mussie Swap for May Day Arrived.

Look at what I received yesterday: Finally my Tussie Mussie gifts arrived. During the month of April or I think it was March anyway I joined a Swap for all Seasons, and we all had partners and we had to make Tussie Mussie for May Day, well I am ahead several days, well I sent my gift in little after April 15 but I had not received mine, I waited and waited an nothing the least day I expected it arrived and look at how nice she wrapped it, well there were two packages but I was so excited I opened one and did not take a picture, But look at the detail she put in it. I want to share all my items with everyone. I also been so busy with work and my sons graduation that had not posted will get better but I do have several items to share with everyone hope you like them.

This is my Tussie Mussie cone, I love it my partner who I swamped with made mine of material, and she made flowers for it, stitched items on it, I love my all my gifts. Thank you Maudina, you made my Day.

I received presents, I was so excited it was like Christmas or my birthday. I do not even want to touch them that is how excited I am. They are my new toys.

Look it up close on the items she made, WOW! She out did herself. I love them all she did it a great job.

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  1. So happy for you, everything looks lovely, xo