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Saturday, April 24, 2010

How I Met My Home!

Hi, All

Today I'm joining An Nicole at Our Suburban Cottage on "How I Met My Home" its pretty interesting reading all those post.So for today I would like to introduce you to my current home it's a flat(apartment) in a building in the city of Abu Dhabi. I have been living in this building for 11 long years. We first moved in this building in 1999 after having lived in the states for one year; my husband was sent there for military puposes, so when we came back to Abu Dhabi this was our 3rd flat we moved into since we got married. Now fortunately this year we will be moving into our new home which is on the outskirts of the city. For those of you who haven't seen my home and are interested in learning more about my new home just click here . This is the process of the building and here are some more pictures of the advancements and here (just below this post)you can see the painting process and soon I will be posting the continuing process of my home.

Here we go

This is my city.

Abu Dhabi

This is my building, not mine per se but where I live.

Now for a peak at the inside.

This is my current living room (my furniture is 11 years old) all that will go as soon as we move in planning on buying new furniture for the exception of keeping my favorite things.

This is the hallway everything was white but one day I just got tired years living here and I wanted a change so my hallway is a light yellow with a light lime color. When I was painting it I didn't like the green much so I mixed in some more white and yellow and blue and got the color you see in the picture. Way at the end is a chalk board they were mirrors and I just painted them with that chalk board paint.

This is my two daughters (8yr old and a teenager) room

Now this is my two sons room. I just took one angle since their room doesn't have beds. They broke them wrestling and they sleep on matresses only for the time being until we move and get new furniture which is not far. In a month's time.

Well this is been my home for 11 years. The time is getting close to move and I feel I am really gonna miss my flat, but not all the new space I will have.



  1. What a great post! I loved looking at your lovely home and hearing the story about it. I also loved looking at the pictures of the city. I would really love to visit that part of the world one day.

    Hope you have a beautiful week!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks Natasha

    I would also really love to go to your part of the world one day too. Hopefully we will get to visit other places.


  3. Ruth, I enjoyed my visit to your new home and left a comment there also.

    Glad you and your sister decided to join us. I will add you blog to my list.


  4. Thank you for the peek at your home in Abu Dhabi. So interesting to see the foreign (to me) homes everyone is posting. You must be very excited about your new build.! Have a great week.


  5. Hi Barbara and Chania,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Barbara I saw your comment on my previous post and I replied to your question on the comment area.

    Have a great week

  6. Nice apartment.Thank you for takein me to see your new house it beautiful sorry i didn't comment early..