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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graduation Memories

This is one of the frames I had shown you before, I used it to place my sons graduation picture. I placed his picture when he graduated from Pre-Kinder 16 years later his graduation from High School, how time flies.

Graduation hats, I made three different colors that resemble the colors of my sons school, well except the black one that is just a traditional one, it should have been white but white gets dirty fast. Can you believe that these same colors Orange, White and Blue are the same colors in the school that my sisters and I attended many years ago. Our school is in Texas and here I am in Las Vegas. What a small world, then my younger sister just told me that on the same date that my son graduates she graduated 20 years ago, but not the year. It brought memories to her.

Felt Graduation hats, Thanks to CJ from Pink Tea that help me do these.


  1. Oh great memories. I like that frame it's nice and with his pictures. It's just too bad graduations here aren't that big of a deal. My son is also graduating this year. I should make a frame for him at least also. Time flies sis. My daughter will also be graduating next year and I should start about now saving to at least throw her a party. Let see what I can come up with for my son. I liked the caps so cute save me one.


  2. Thank you, Bernie & Ruth,

    Yes I will save you one sis, which color do you want? I am sure all three hugh? Yes I do recommend you do start saving it is expensive. But it is well worth it, I am so happy my son is graduation I still remember when we talked about this day and you said you be doing cart wheels and I would be jumping up and down. Well I have and been practicing when he gets up on the stage to receive his diploma. Take care.

  3. Congrats on your son Graduation..