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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Ornament Swap

Look! Look!!!

What I received in the mail, Sassy Mini Dolls was having a swap about a month ago and I think we were 50 of us in the swap. We all either made an ornament or store bought one, if you are crafty you make one and include what ever other items you like to include.

I receive these fabulous present from Erin Norman from, she made my ornament it is really nice with some ribbons and the word "Faith' written on it. She also included her hand made coke bottles that she designs and paints Santa's and I am sure other Characters on them. It is so nice to know these items where made from and Artist. To me they are priceless and will treasure for ever oh yes before I forget, she also included a Christmas card that dates back to 1940's.

Being White Wednesday I am joining in with Faded Charm but please do not forget to go visit, she is having a "Grand Giveaway", do not forget to tell her I sent you, please sign up she wants to reach 100 followers.

PS Do not forget to come visit us on Friday for an opportunity to win one or our hand made Towels, you will be surprised when you see them. Until then keep in touch and stop and visit us.


  1. They are so cute! That coke bottle is fabulous. I have yet to post about my sweet treasures that I received from Italy. Thanks for reminding me to get my post done ASAP!

    Best wishes always,