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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Christmas Matchbox Swap

Hello Everyone, I hope those of us who celebrate in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a pleasant Holiday and company from out of town.

During the week of Thanksgiving I finally received my Matchbox package. For those of you that missed it. A Swap for All Seasons had a sign up for all those crafty and creative people who wanted to join in. She had 75 people sign up, and I was lucky to be one of them. The theme was to design 25 matchboxes how ever we wanted to and count the days till Christmas, like a calendar. It was hard at first but she would give us ideas on how to decorate them. We had a choice to design them all the same or do different ones. I did mine different then we put numbers on them from 1 thru 25 the. Each day you open a box with a gift. We sent off our packages, and to exchange with other participants, in exchange we would receive 25 matchboxes and display them each day in December to count down the days of Christmas. This is my package, and I was so excited when I received it.I opened one by one and laid them all together, Then finally I hung them on a tree which I will be sharing with everyone to see the little boxes with such creative things on them. They are so cute and would like to have them all year long to see. Will treasure them for life and generations to come. Hope you come visit us every day to see the gifts each day.

Finally my presents!!!
I laid them all for you to see.

Here come Santa Clause Here comes Santa Clause.

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