Yesterday is history, Tomorrow's a Mystery, Today is a gift, that's why it's called the "Present"... (each day is our gift, live it to the fullest.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Swap Day #9

Day #9 box is a Snow Flake with a soft baby blue color and some snow balls on the side. let's see what is inside this tiny box.

My #9 gift is a pink tiny strand of material with a tiny blue bell and a pendent of the word "Hope", This comes in a time of "Hope" because both my husband and I been struggling with work and our jobs, it's been a bumpy road but we have "HOPE". Plese stop by and visit Shannon Linde at Please let her know I do have "Hope" and really needed this.


  1. Good morning Maria! What a sweet matchbox. You have to have HOPE, it it really helps to have it when things are looking down. Love it. Linda

  2. What a perfect matchbox for you today, Maria! It is lovely. It was God's way of telling you to hang in there!

  3. Maria, there is always hope!! Your matchbox is wonderful!!

  4. What a fabulous matchbox that has arrived at just the right time for you x