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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Twelve of our Christmas Swap

Can you Believe it, we are on Day Twelve (12) almost there half way till Christmas Day. This little cutie is a silk red bow and hard to describe but adorable. Can not wait to open it.

This is the back of the box she also decorated it, very nice with a nice stocking, my camera is giving a hard time on these pictures.

AHH! This is a very, very nice little sack, and a bottle cap with the Virgin Mary and son, and a small silver candy, this came from: Kathy McElroy TN, she did not include a blog, but if you happen to know her please let her know I have her 12 gift box.


  1. Maria and Ruth your treasures from your Christmas swap are awesome!! So intricate and detailed!

  2. My camera/computer is giving me fits...hope I can get through to day 25 ! Aren't these boxes just amazing !