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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day Five-Matchbox Swap

My very own Ginger-bread man box this is so cute love the colors on it. Let see what is inside box #5.

Ahh this one has a package all warped up- wonder what is inside? let's find out!!!

look at this!! inside the material wrap there is a ginger breadman, this is sooo very cute. Thank you Becky Jorgensen- she did not include her blog, but if you know her make sure to tell her I said thank you soooo very much.


  1. What a sweet little package this is!

  2. What a fun gingerbread man but alas not my No 1. Gingerbread man that I am still trying to track down. I think Becky is from Patchwork Posse.

  3. Yes Maria, you can leave Becky J a message on her blog at:
    She has not been posting pictures of her matchboxes yet, so maybe a nice comment about one you received from her will inspire her to blog-along with us!

  4. Hi Maria,

    Love this is so quaint. Having fun?